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Cast Steel Globe Valve, Class 300 LB, A216 WCB, BS 1873

Cast Steel Globe Valve, Class 300 LB, A216 WCB, BS 1873

China Carbon Steel Globe Valve: Carbon Steel WCA, WCB, WCC Globe Valves, Flanged and Butt-welded Ends, 2-24 Inch, 150LB-2500LB, API 600, API 6D.

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● Design standard: API 600, API6D
● Pressure Range: 150LB to 2500LB
● Size Range:2" to 24" (DN50-DN600)
● Material: Carbon Steel, WCA, WCB, WCC
● Connection type: Flanged and Butt-welded
● Applicable Working Temperature:  -196 to 650 degrees Celsius
● Operating Type: Handwheel
● Sealing surface material: Alloy
● Pressure test: API598
● Face to Face: ASME B16.10


Material Description
1BodyASTM A216 GR.WCB.
2Seat RingASTM A105 + Stellite Faced.
3DiscASTM A105 + 13Cr Faced.
4Disc Thrust PlateASTM A276 Type 420.
5Disc NutASTM A276 Type 410.
6StemASTM A182 GR.F6.
7Bonnet Bolt NutsASTM A194 GR.2H.
8Bonnet BoltsASTM A193 GR.B7.
9GasketSoft Iron + Graphite.
10Backseat BushingASTM A276 Type 410.
11Stem PackingBraided Graphite & Die formed Graphite Ring.
12BonnetASTM A216 GR.WCB.
13Eyebolt PinsCarbon Steel.
14GlandASTM A276 Type 410.
15Gland FlangeASTM A216 GR.WCB.
16Gland Eye BoltsASTM A307 GR.B.
17Eyebolt NutsASTM A194 GR.2H.
18Yoke BushASTM A439 GR.D-2.
19ScrewCarbon Steel.
20Hand WheelDuctile Iron.
21Hand Wheel NutASTM A194 GR.2H.
22WasherCarbon Steel.